Practice Papers

(45sums in 5mins)
ModelPaper-1 ModelPaper-1 ModelPaper-1 ModelPaper-1 ModelPaper-1
ModelPaper-2 ModelPaper-2 ModelPaper-2 ModelPaper-2 ModelPaper-2
ModelPaper-3 ModelPaper-3 ModelPaper-3 ModelPaper-3 ModelPaper-3
ModelPaper-4 ModelPaper-4 ModelPaper-4 ModelPaper-4 ModelPaper-4
ModelPaper-5 ModelPaper-5 ModelPaper-5 ModelPaper-5 ModelPaper-5
ModelPaper-6 ModelPaper-6 ModelPaper-6 ModelPaper-6 ModelPaper-6
ModelPaper-7 ModelPaper-7 ModelPaper-7 ModelPaper-7 ModelPaper-7
ModelPaper-8 ModelPaper-8 ModelPaper-8 ModelPaper-8 ModelPaper-8
ModelPaper-9 ModelPaper-9 ModelPaper-9 ModelPaper-9 ModelPaper-9
ModelPaper-10 ModelPaper-10 ModelPaper-10 ModelPaper-10 ModelPaper-10
ModelPaper-11 ModelPaper-11 ModelPaper-11 ModelPaper-11 ModelPaper-11
ModelPaper-12 ModelPaper-12 ModelPaper-12 ModelPaper-12 ModelPaper-12
ModelPaper-13 ModelPaper-13 ModelPaper-13 ModelPaper-13 ModelPaper-13
ModelPaper-14 ModelPaper-14 ModelPaper-14 ModelPaper-14 ModelPaper-14

Course Details

SmartGenius Toddlers is for children in the age group of 4-5years. Emphasizing on stress free and fun filled learning, this course designed to give our kids an early start which is very important in this competitive world. Apart from learning Abacus skills, kids get to eliminate math phobia in their early ages.

Our program will enhance whole brain development and will help children master arithmetic calculations through our 3 techniques : Abacus method, Hand gym and Memory Gym method. Apart from this, to enhance childrens logical thinking and reasoning ability we have Logical sums and activities designed in accordance with the school curriculum.

As per Scientists, human beings utilize less then 3% of their brainpower during their life span. That means there is a potential for development through unutilized brain.It is proven the brain development activity happens at the most during childhood days and in particular when they are less then 13 years. Beyond this age , scope for brain development is very less or practically zero. Like we exercise our body, it is a must for exercising our brain. This is where Mathematics plays a big role as a good medium for exercising our brains.

Our Abacus training helps children to use their brain potential the best as they solve complex problems during the course. Due to this children gets an overall mental development which helps in making them hard working, clever, smart and enhance their overall academic performance.


  • Improvement in overall academics – through improved concentration, comprehension, retention and recall, logical reasoning and speed & accuracy of computing skill
  • Enjoy the fun of learning and reduce stress
  • Increase in confidence
  • Grasp faster and are more attentive
  • Become competitive
  • Improvement in mathematical abilities

Certificates will be issued to the kids after the successful completion of the course.